How To Properly Use a Course Finder?


Are you among those who want to study abroad, but are confused about where to begin? Choosing the right course along with so many decisions to make to select your dream country and several study-abroad scholarship opportunities, you are definitely not the only one! Read on here to know more about how a course finder will help you to find the best universities and courses for you!

What is a course finder?

A course finder is nothing but a tool created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will aim to help students across the globe tailor their study plans. With a plethora of universities worldwide, a course finder can often be the first step for students to figure out their study pathways and gain a sense of direction. In addition to that, a course finder also makes students input their academic and extracurricular profiles and filters the top-notch universities from them relying on their student profile.

How is a Course Finder Useful?

Previously, the only way for students to get information about colleges and universities personally or with the help of an expert was to read through the promotional materials, intake statistics and brochures to determine which universities they would like to apply to and whether they have a higher probability of success in. Due to the concept of course finder, experts and students can depend on this AI tool to save hours of research.

How to generally use a course finder?

There are several platforms online on which you can properly use the course finder tool. We will show you step by step how you can generally use a course finder tool to pursue your dream career.

  1. Add your requirements

It requires you to fill out a form on the homepage of the website opening and it asks for general information such as your name, email address and contact number. 

  1. Choose the Study Destination

Students will have some specific preconceived preferences for countries where they want to study.

  1. Choose the level of Education

The course finder will also ask you whether you want to study for an undergraduate degree, master or MBA programme.

  1. Add your Highest Qualification Level

Each course has certain eligibility criteria for students seeking to pursue them. In order to use the course finder, the highest level of education must be entered.

  1. Add Percentage

It will entirely depend on your highest level of education, the course finder will require you to meet our expectations or the percentage you have to get in your examination. This input will help the AI-driven tool to create your academic profile.

  1. Add Work Experience

This question in the course finder is specifically curated for MBA. An MBA aspirant who is planning to study abroad needs a minimal level of work experience that is lower than the eligibility criteria for an MBA, it will let you know that you must explore other degree courses. 

7. Select Your Specialisation

There are different fields of study in which a student can specialise. It provides a huge list of all fields like management, law, engineering and many more. The course finder will provide you with various universities through this feature.

8. Enter Your Preferred English Language Test

It is known as a mandatory criterion in most study-abroad universities. The detail of which English proficiency tests you have appeared in or are planning to need to be given to the course finder. These tests are mainly IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. So, the next step is you will need to submit your scores on the AI-based tool.

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